Eastern Broach Inc.






Eastern Broach Inc. has been in the business of broach manufacturing and contract broaching for over 30 years. We have been operating in the central Connecticut area and have been established as a quality tool supplier amongst our customers. Here at Eastern Broach we have two specific departments that specialize in broach manufacturing and contract broaching.

Our broach manufacturing department provides services to several manufacturing companies nationwide. Our broach services include the design, recondition, weld/repair, and/or resharpening of your cutting tools. We have great flexibility when it comes to satisfying your tooling requirements and delivery date(s).

Contract broaching has proven to be a cost saving alternative to milling throughout the years. Simple operations that may have taken considerable time milling, can now be completed in seconds using a broaching method. Eastern Broach Inc. has the capability, large or small, to perform broaching operations to meet various dimensions of your individual requisites.

We have a knowledgeable management team that together contains more than 100 years of experience in the tool manufacturing and broaching industry.

Here at Eastern Broach we are dedicated to supplying our customers with a superior and reliable service, putting the customer first and concentrating on your specific requirements.


10 Sparks Street
Plainville, CT 06062
Phone: 860.828.4800
Fax: 860.828.7632
Email: sales@easternbroach.com