Eastern Broach Inc.
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Eastern Broach Inc. has provided a contract broaching, manufacturing, and precision machining service for over 30 years. Our broaching department operates with intricate cutting tools which may be manufactured in house or supplied by you the consumer.

We offer not only the means to broach large and small parts of various shapes and sizes, in addition we will work with you to develop cost saving options for the manufacturing of your product(s). Please feel free to email or fax any job at your convenience for quotation.

The before and after view of a broached part.

Also in extreme instances, broaching has proved to be a time saving method in reducing a milling operation of 30-40 minutes per piece, down to 30-40 seconds.

Eastern Broach Inc. can also provide a contract broaching service that could reduce your overall costs of any particular job. We specialize in precision machining to better serve you the consumer in broaching services and production.

As is evident by the photograph to the right (top), our broaching department has the ability to remove significant amounts of material with one broaching procedure. Again, broaching is a cost saving alternative to milling and we here at Eastern Broach are equipped to work with you on any possible project that you may require.